When I heard about Resident Evil 8 for the first time sometime a long time ago, I thought exactly two things: 1. “Hopefully it’s like Resident Evil 7” and 2. “It sure isn’t like Resident Evil 7.” What should I do say, now that I was allowed to look into it for an hour? Damn it, Capcom, you knew what we wanted.

Resident Evil Village

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Winter may be over, but definitely not at Capcom: Resident Evil Village sharpen his claws for him Release I 7. May, and that with currently official demos, gameplay videos and a preview video accessible to editors. I buried myself in the latter over the weekend to write a comprehensive preview for you with my BLOOD. Yes, exactly: with my blood. Mixed with Ethan’s blood from his half-ripped hand. Oh the poor.

Into the mix: In the new trailer, RE8 shows you what to expect.

Why Resident Evil Village is likely to be what many have been waiting for

After the immense success of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, one thing was actually obvious: the fans want more. More of the “new” Resident Evil, which shows the first-person perspective with horrific games of hide-and-seek, disgusting dirty houses and chopped off hands. In my eyes, Resident Evil 7 is maybe the best mainstream horror game in years. And I’ve been waiting for a new part since the credits at the end.

It’ll be there soon. And it feels like a sequel in almost the entire preview video, not only because of the story, but also in terms of horror, gameplay and disgust. Sure, Resident Evil 8 has to provide one final proof of this in the test, but I’m damn optimistic about that – because one way or another: Village wants to repeat the success of Resident Evil 7 in all pointsSo expect nothing more than a game that will feel the same or very similar in many ways.

Resident Evil Village: ready for the next part?
Resident Evil Village: ready for the next part?

The story: Ethan is back, but so are the monsters

As already indicated, connects Resident Evil Village directly to the beautiful RE7: Ethan has retired to Eastern Europe with Mia and their first child, near a small, remote village. The family idyll does not last long, because when BSSA Captain Chris Redfield surprises the two with a troop of soldiers, the house of cards of harmony collapses. The section that I was allowed to watch begins shortly after the start of the game: Ethan wakes up alone and injured in a destroyed house, Mia was apparently shot by Redfield and there is no trace of the baby Rosemary.

Resident Evil Village: Ethan goes through hell to save his child Rosemary.
Resident Evil Village: Ethan goes through hell to save his daughter Rosemary.

His goal: to find Rosemary. And this search will not only guide him through a village overrun by monsters, but also into a gigantic castle with even more terrifying creatures.

The very first trailer already shows Mia’s death (at least it looks like this):

Gameplay à la Resident Evil 7

Knife out, smash the yellow box, oh, ammunition (!), Load your weapon, shoot down monsters, damn it, no more ammunition … but at least space in the inventory! Resident Evil 8 consistently adheres to the RE7 formula, but will also take care of some nice ones Details from RE1 and RE4 remember back. In the bloody shoes of Ethan you explore Resident Evil Village in the First person point of view; The inventory and the minimal HUD seem to have been taken more or less directly from the seventh part. Weapons, ammunition and helpful objects such as a bolt cutter can also be found – with items like the latter, it is worth exploring different parts of the map several times, as new paths can be accessed.

Similar to the predecessor, there is no direct life indicator: If you are seriously injured, the screen becomes increasingly blood-smeared and you can then check your condition in the menu. One sip Healing water over the half-sawn-off hand then it is enough for new spirits to awaken in you. (Maybe because of the immense pain, huh?) Sometimes the fight is similar to RE7: Different strategies lead to success with different opponents, but most of the time it is said Shoot or run.

Will the weapon against Lady Dimitrescu be enough?
Will the weapon against Lady Dimitrescu be enough?

Inventar-Management, Maps, Journal: Either the ammunition is missing or the space in the inventory – Resource management is capitalized once again and is intended to provide strategic considerations in combat and everywhere else in RE8. There are also maps to be found: So the map is not just because in your menu, but must somehow pass into your possession first. in the Journal Ethan also writes down his thoughts. Good for following the story and always knowing what needs to be done.

Riddles, Safe-Rooms, Secrets: The famous Resident-Evil-Rätsel are also there again – move statues, find objects to put in somewhere and spend your mind on other puzzles that – albeit unrealistic – turn out to be quite original. You will then find peace in the safe rooms, where you can save on a typewriter may. And without giving away much: A look to the right, left and behind old boxes should be worthwhile even more often, since there are hidden items to be found everywhere.

Typical Resident Evil: The sometimes very original puzzles and locks should keep you busy.
Typical Resident Evil: The sometimes very original puzzles and locks should keep you busy.

… which leads me to the last point: Game mechanics take precedence over realism in RE8, and at least that seems okay in the one-hour preview video. When you find strange but somehow important objects behind the ruffled sofa; if you shoot something glittery from the ceiling or if creatures from hell can’t open a safe room door, that’s not realistic. But that wasn’t RE7 either, and it never bothered me personally: The fact is that RE8 seems to be following similar paths and fun and simply clever game mechanics before realism puts. Besides, what Ethan can endure here in a matter of minutes would have killed anyone else ten times anyway.

This is “new”: More crafting, the Duke, hunting, moving furniture and attractive ray tracing

There was a little herbal grandma crafting in the last few parts, but this time one should sophisticated crafting system waiting for you. Tinkering is not only done to produce items for healing and ammunition, but also to get certain advantages in combat. You will also be allowed to hunt – this was also made known through a trailer – and if you simply cannot beat an opponent, it is sometimes possible to block entrances with furniture.

In contrast, it is not entirely new the Duke: A corpulent character who will keep popping up and offering an opportunity to trade. There was a similar figure in Resident Evil 4, if you remember.

You will meet the Duke more often: A trade with him can bring you various advantages.
You will meet the Duke more often: A trade with him can bring you various advantages.

Last but not least: Resident Evil Village benutzt Raytracing, a process that helps to make the light in the game as realistic as possible. Among other things, this makes the graphics a real feast for the eyes, which you can admire in the Maiden demo for PS5 or in the other demos. It will be nice, no question about that!

Marina’s preview conclusion: Beautifully brutal and disgusting, but also scary?

Protagonist Ethan lost fingers, was bitten (several times), was thrown through walls, mangled, pierced, gnawed and beaten as soft as a diaper: What I was able to marvel at in the preview video was much. Not only in the sense of fight scenes, but also in relation to some story highlights that I don’t want to spoil here.

But this much can be said: Ethan will have to endure a lot and you as a player will likely be challenged as well – without losing any real body parts, but at least emotionally and mentally. What the preview also presented was a lot staged set action, which was tasted more than that within the one-hour video Eerinessthat I still know from RE7.

The castle: Luxurious, huge and equipped with a lot of creep potential.
The castle: luxurious, huge and equipped with a lot of potential to be scary. But will it use that?

The big questions in the room for me are: How scary will Resident Evil Village actually be? And how long is the game actually? It became clear in the preview that a wintry village and a castle will represent two of the big scenes. The first one will probably contain a larger map or several maps in which you explore partly broken houses and partly sneak through the forest. The lock, on the other hand, immediately reminded me of RE7 or RE1: Claustrophobic secret passages, several floors and several luxuriously furnished roomsto be explored – creatures of the night always on your heels.

Both together give the impression of one damn big game, and it is not at all clear whether it will stay that way. So I can’t finally decide whether it understands the new Resident Evil despite the action, even after the preview To properly scare players. I hope so! And some scenes in the preview made me (luckily) optimistic.

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Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. You have been able to pre-order the shocker for a while if you are already convinced of the game. And if that’s not the case – in addition to gameplay and story trailers, you can also try out demos that give you an insight into the game.