It's finally here and the WoW Shadowlands beta has started. In contrast to the long-running Alpha, the end game is now finally included and can be tested extensively. Of course, we threw ourselves right in and looked at all the new features. We took a look at the different pacts and everything they have to offer. We also took a close look at the new adventurer system and we will tell you why it is now a bit more complex but will not captivate us for long. We also talk about our new soulmates, of course, who provide us with a small talent tree in Shadowlands. We explain the new recognition system, which partially replaces the reputation and why we can upgrade our sanctuary again in the shadow lands.

Of course we also talk about the gullet, which can now also be tested and which is probably the most dangerous area in the history of WoW. Because there are not only countless elite opponents floating around, but the jailer personally keeps an eye on you, which is more and more difficult for you with each additional minute. Torghast is now also playable in the revised version and now finally also includes the blacksmith for our Legendarys, so that we can see how the manufacturing will work.

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buffedCast # 546

00:00:00 greeting
00:00:42 WoW Shadowlands Beta
00:04:36 All packages in there
00:11:26 recognition system
00:18:09 The soul mate
00:30:20 The new adventurer system
00:39:10 The animal rider
00:43:30 revaluation of the Pact sanctum
00:47:00 The pact event
00:53:05 The Maw and Torghast
01:06:10 Legendary blacksmith
01:19:55 Mythical plus
01:24:32 More info from the developer
01:55:13 New World, Dual Universe and we digress

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