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The strongest DoT of the shadow priest in WoW Shadowlands receives the ignition mechanic from the fire magician, which is a strong buff for the Shadow. In addition, the Night Fae pact ability and two talents have been changed.

With the latest build of the WoW Shadowlands Beta were back some changes to classes and pact skills performed. With the priest, the shadow play style can look forward to a nice buff. In addition, will the pact ability of the night Fae adapted for all priest play styles. The effects of the fairy guardians have so far been rather impractical for the two healing modes of play, Holy and Discipline, since the effect of lightning healing / shadow healing overrides the useful effect of Power Word: Shield. A new medium is supposed to replicate both effects on your teammates, which is a nice buff for the Fae Guardians using this new medium.

Shadow priests have with Devouring plague currently only one insane "donor". The six-second DoT costs 50 insane, but with the right talents and especially in the void form, the Shadow creates a lot of insanity, which has given you a choice up to now: You refresh Devouring Plague too early, or generate over 100 points before refreshing Insane, which would be loss of damage in both cases.

To change that, when you refresh Devouring Plague, the damage is added to the existing DoT damage. Kind of like Ignite with the magician. This change will Void stream Changed so that the spell now also applies Devouring Plague instead of renewing the duration of Devouring Plague. All other DoTs will continue to be renewed by Void Stream. Because an additional refresh from a strong Devouring Plague DoT by Void Stream would be too strong and would allow you to stack three or even four Devouring Plagues.

The Shadow Priest also gets a new talent in the last talent row called Hungering Void. Hungering Void replaces Legacy of the Void. This means that in Shadowlands it is no longer possible to play with the current void figure and to extend it further and further by building up madness.

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