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Patch 1.13.7 is currently being tested on the WoW Classic PTR. So far, this has mainly included changes for so-called spell batching. Now the developers at Blizzard have presented further bug fixes, which should also go live with patch 1.13.7. The bug fixes concern various pieces of jewelry, the Naxxramas boss Heigan and the seals of the paladins.

Patch 1.13.7 is currently being tested on the WoW Classic PTR. So far this one had above all Changes for so-called spell batching in the luggage. Well the developers at Blizzard in the official WoW forum further bug fixes presented, which should also go live with patch 1.13.7. The bug fixes concern the first Naxxramas boss Heigan: In the combat area, some areas have been fixed where the plague could overlap and cause double damage. In addition, the range of Heigan's mana burn spell has been increased slightly when the boss is refueled in phase 1 on the platform.

Second, the developers fix several item problems. This is how the effects of Mark of the hero, Seal of Dawn and Rune of the dawn now as passive auras that are no longer taken into account for the players' buff cap. You can also Frost oil and Shadow oil thanks to the patch also trigger when you are affected by the global cooldown while drinking Barov workers caller it no longer happens that only one worker shows up and who Eye of death will find that spells like Chain Heal, Prayer of Healing, or HoTs will now properly consume a charge.

You can find the official patch notes from the developers below:


  • Paladin seals will now persist on the Paladin for a very short time after they're replaced by a different seal.
    • Developers' notes: The concept of "seal twisting" was only possible due to spell batching. With a greatly reduced batch size, we're adding a slight buffer when you swap seals to allow you to proc two in the same swing. This was not an intended interaction in Original WoW (buy now € 14.99 ), but it's a fun quirk of WoW Classic gameplay, and we want to allow Paladins to retain the ability to do this. Please let us know how these compares on the PTR to how seal twisting currently works on live realms.


  • Mark of the Champion, Rune of the Dawn, and Seal of the Dawn's benefits are now marked as "passive" auras and will no longer count towards the player buff cap.
  • Resolved an issue that caused some summoned guardians, such as the Arcanite Dragonling and Vanquished Tentacle of C'thun, to become stuck on defensive AI and fail to attack enemies.
  • Shadow Oil and Frost Oil can now proc while the player is on the Global Cooldown.
    • Developers' note: Shadow Oil is still bound by an internal cooldown, however, and this is intended.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Barov Peasant Caller drink to only spawn 1 Peasant.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Brimstone Staff and Rhok'delar, Longbow of Ancient Keepers to not properly animate in-game.
  • Resolved several issues with the Eye of the Dead trinket:
    • Spells such as Chain Heal and Prayer of Healing now only consume a single charge.
    • Heal-Over-Time spells now properly consume a charge when used.


  • Fixed a few places in the Heigan the unclean encounter area where Plague Waves overlap and cause double damage.
  • The range of Heigan the Unclean's Mana Burn ability is now slightly longer if Heigan is being Tanked on his platform during phase 1 of the encounter.
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