Bungie: New game sounds like Destiny with weird humor – topical games

of Andreas Bertits
Bungie is currently looking for employees for a new game. The job descriptions indicate a kind of destiny with humor and strange characters, but also RPG elements and many fights.

That Bungie not only working on Destiny, but planning several projects has been known for some time. Job descriptions now give a little deeper insight into one of these new games.

Destiny with humor?

The sought-after art director should feel like working on something comedic with whimsical, weird characters. A combat designer, on the other hand, has to work on weapons, damage balance, items and perks, which suggests that the title also has role-playing elements. Another employee has to deal with drop rates, reward curves, a progression system as well as quests, game economy and more. The position of senior online engineer suggests an online game.

That sounds a lot like a game in the style of Destiny, which is somehow supposed to be based on humor. Bungie is not exactly known for comedic games, but that doesn't mean that the developers don't even want to do anything in this area. But it will probably be a while before we hear more about this new game from Bungie and who knows what will change until then.

Source: GamesRadar

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