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Destiny 2's tenth season is just around the corner, and Bungie has just released some details. In an article on their website, the Destiny developers explain some balancing updates and reveal more about the PvE challenges.

Destiny developer Bungie has numerous details about the upcoming season of Destiny 2 in his latest blog entry (buy now for 13.89 €) revealed. These primarily refer to the revised weapon balancing. In addition, there is also some information about later PvE challenges.

The changes concern sniper rifles as well as fusion rifles, grenade launchers and automatic rifles. While the latter benefit from a damage buff and are supposed to cut a better figure in PvP, snipers, fusion rifles and grenade launchers will be regurgitated a bit in the next season.

Destiny 2: Fortress of Shadows – "The Dawn" in the trailer

Bungie has also launched three exotic games: the sniper rifle "Izanagis Burden", the shotgun "Lord of the Wolves" and the revolver "The Last Word" are affected. "Izanagi's Burden" loses the perpetrator "Outlaw" and instead receives the perk "No Distractions", the shotgun "Lord of the Wolves" loses a lot of precision in the fire mode "Let go of the wolves" and "The last word" should be due to the balancing -Update back to its roots as a revolver and offer greater incentives to fire from the hip.

There is also news regarding the PvE challenges. A new level of difficulty called "Grandmaster" for the PvE activity Twilight is said to put even experienced players to the test, according to Bungie. We expect to know how these changes will affect the game from mid-March, with the launch of Season 10.

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