Bungie takes action against cheaters, even if it doesn't seem that way

from Karsten Scholz
As more and more players from Destiny 2 complain about supposed cheaters and recently the news of a particularly popular Destiny 2 cheat was spreading around the web, the developers have now made it clear again: Destiny 2 has an anti-cheat System and it "regularly removes thousands of malicious accounts from the PvP ecosystem".

Since October 2019 Destiny 2 is not only available on Steam, but also playable for free thanks to the Free2Play variant New Light. An online shooter with multiplayer components that you can play on your PC for free – there has always been a great danger with this combination of attracting cheaters and bot users of all stripes. And within the Destiny 2 community, reports of allegedly cheating players have also increased in recent months, as well as news about a particularly popular Destiny 2 cheat and the lack of an anti-cheat tool in Destiny 2 online ( via Forbes).

All of this stirred up so much dust that Dylan Gafner, Community Manager at Bungie, made it clear via Twitter a few days ago: Destiny 2 does have an anti-cheat system, thanks to which thousands of accounts have been transferred and banned. The security team is constantly working to improve this system, and it is by no means true that there is no system for Destiny 2 at all.

Only a short time later, cheaters were also in the latest weekly report from Bungie a theme. There it says in the section "Fairplay":

We have seen reports of players encountering cheaters in the exams over the past few weekends. Here's a quick update on what we've done to improve your experience and what we're discussing internally about future improvements. To repeat the above: A couple of points could not be addressed for a while as we are still in early exchange, but we wanted to give you an update on what's going on behind the scenes at Bungie.

  • Our anti-cheat is (intentionally) not as "visible" as some security products. Nevertheless, we regularly discover and remove thousands of malicious accounts from the PvP ecosystem.
  • We continue to add new anti-cheat improvements to the front lines during patch releases (for obvious reasons we don't explain them in the patch notes) and are always investigating new approaches as cheat developers adapt to our latest technology.
  • Many of the cheats you find out there in the wild have investigative and countermeasures in place, or are under development as work continues to keep developers informed of new threats. Since cheat developers don't stop, we know that we have to work to improve these systems.
    • Note: It's a tightrope walk because we never want to punish innocent players who have consistently high stats due to outstanding skill, in-game bugs, or gaps in the game's logic, which we regard as our fault.
  • We work with our platform partners to identify ways we can continue to improve our security.
  • We'll explore ways we can let you know if your reports have resulted in a permanent ban or restriction.

In addition, we want to give you some tips for information that will help us during our research when we review "Report suspected fraud"Edit contact form. Important note: DO NOT share this information publicly. Not on Reddit. Not on Bungie forums. This information should only get to the form provided. Here is the information we need:

  • Player's display name. Are you that? A friend of yours?
  • The suspect's ad name and any other identifying information you have (clan name, Steam ID, etc.)
  • Explain what suspicious behavior you have observed.
  • Names the platform on which the behavior was observed.
  • Provides a link to post-match statistics on Bungie.net/de.

And if possible:

  • Give us a link to any video evidence. This could be a YouTube video or an archived Twitch stream with timestamps, a clip or a video that you recorded and shared via a public sharing service. (Sorry, we cannot connect to your private Google Drive or OneDrive to watch a video).

Source: My MMO / Forbes

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