Bungie's new game Matter could become the sequel

Destiny 2 was supposed to be followed by Destiny 3, but the sequel has not been heard of for a long time. Now rumors surfaced that Bungie's new game "Matter" will continue the story of the science fiction series.

Destiny as a huge MMO

Matter is said to be Bungie's dream game. A shooter MMO designed to surpass World of Warcraft. Bungie wants to make "Matter" the game that was originally planned for Destiny:

  • There are huge, open play areas
  • A deep lore that builds on Destiny 1 and 2
  • Players are divided into followers of light and darkness
  • The story takes you beyond the solar system, where you meet new races
  • The game also relies on PvPvE areas. You can fight each other if you belong to hostile factions, but you also have to fight against AI enemies
  • There are tons of quests depending on whether you belong to the light or the dark
  • The story should be told over many years
  • Matter is meant to be much more than just an MMO. It should be a platform that brings you together and, for example, enables mobile battle royale
  • The game is said to use cloud servers and Bungie is supposedly in talks with Microsoft for this
  • Microsoft and Bungie should work closely together – a purchase of Bungie by Microsoft is possible but unlikely

The game, whose name will probably not be Destiny 3, should appear in 2025 at the earliest. It is completely unclear whether all of this information is correct. When we can expect an official performance of "Matter" is not yet certain.

Source: Twitter

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