A marketing agency has come up with something very special for Burger King. They advertise offers from the fast food chain for little money in streams – but the streamers are not asked.

The community and the interaction between streamer and the same make up the charm of this form of entertainment for many users of Twitch or other streaming platforms. One possibility to communicate directly with the streamer are donations of money or bits and also the subscription. Many streamers have the option of sending a message to the streamer about these actions, which then Read aloud in the stream by a text-to-speech program.

The marketing agency Ogilvy turned it into an advertising concept for Burger King. They send donations of a maximum of 5 dollars to a streamer and an advertising message is then displayed in the streamlike an offer for a burger and fries, read out. According to the video for the campaign, it's a great idea.

In case you're wondering if it's fake because the games look pretty weird there: No, it's real. The games were replaced because you have to pay for the original games for advertising purposes.

In case you're wondering why the Faces and voices have been made unrecognizableThis is because the streamers were not asked if they would like to appear in the promotion of the campaign.

Although the video shows how some streamers thank them for the donations, streamers do that when they receive money from viewers. Donation news often has the strangest things in it, so it can't be ruled out that they didn't know they were getting money from a marketing agency and they just reacted politely.

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There are sure to be streamers who would definitely enter into a promotional deal with Burger King. Partnerships with big brands are not uncommon on Twitch and many streamers have agencies and managers who take care of this. Ogilvy simply bypasses this common system of influencer marketing and advertises on the channels without the consent of the streamers and perhaps even without their knowledge.

What do the streamers say?

They are pretty pissed off at the abuse of channels and streamers to promote Burger King. Streamer CohhCarnage called it "Third class" and "Predatory marketing". Streamer Anne ammunition was visited in the stream a good month ago and said:

“I really hate it when companies want to take advantage of my live content by forcing their advertising on me without talking to me or offering me what should be paid for marketing, which is more than $ 5, is there I'm sure. "

Streamer TeePee can even be seen in the video, and he too did not know that he was involuntarily part of a marketing campaign. He said about it:

“It was just a coincidental donation. I think they did it a few more times and then I stopped because it was weird. "

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Twitch Terms of Use and Other Advertising Agreements

The campaign of Ogilvy is also violating the Twitch Terms of Servicehow many users notice under the tweet. The "Dissemination of Unauthorized Advertising" is not allowed on Twitch. Since no one has consented to the advertising, that is probably the case.

As retaining possible breaches of contractAs a lawyer explains, the campaign could conflict with the streamer's contract if it is with a potential rival of Burger King. There are also possible ones Copyright Infringementbecause the content of the streamers was used without permission.

It seems that Ogilvy assumed that he could run an advertising campaign without any problems, without paying attention to the legal and cultural rules of the streaming world. At least on Twitter they are now thinking about it. One important participant is currently still missing in the discussion and that is Twitch itself.