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Finally! The closed beta of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic has started. If you find the corresponding entry in the Blizzard launcher, you can download the version of the game, install it and throw yourself into the Outland with a freshly copied character. Content up to level 64 is currently available. Over time, more zones with their challenges will be unlocked.

After it yesterday gave a false positive, it has now actually officially started, the closed beta phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. The official Blizzard website states:

The Burning Crusade Classic beta test has started! In the course of the test we will load, among other things selected beta testers to try out the upcoming Classic expansion and provide feedback.

Players selected for the beta test will receive an email invitation with instructions to download the beta client directly from the desktop app. As always, be careful of phishing attempts – if you are unsure whether you received an eligible invitation, log into your account and make sure you received a beta key for Burning Crusade Classic (found under "Game Accounts").

First steps

If you have been selected to take part in the beta test, your account will be activated for access.

  • Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.
  • Launch the Desktop App – an update may be required if you haven't launched it recently. If you haven't installed the app yet, you can get it here download.
  • Once is installed and up to date, choose World of Warcraft (buy now € 14.99 ) from the list of your games.
  • Select Burning Crusade (under "In Development") from the "Game Version" drop-down menu above the "Play" button and click "Install".
  • After the installation is complete, click on "Play" to log into the PTR and select one of the available test servers.
  • Create a new test character or use the "Copy Character" button to copy a character from your Live WoW Classic account.
  • Enter the game and test the content.

If you're having trouble installing or playing the Burning Crusade beta, check out our troubleshooting guide general technical problems and solutions at.

in the official forum Community Manager Kaivax explains that so far PvE content up to level 64 can be tested. Further content (including PvP) will be added over time. Third-party add-ons are also currently not available. Those who have been invited to the beta can either copy characters from WoW Classic to the beta server or create a fresh level 58 hero so that they can enter Outland immediately.

How does it look: Were you luckier than the author of these lines or do you have to be patient too? Let us know in the comments!

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