from Karsten Scholz
A few days ago, Blizzard officials announced a hotfix for the "Indescribable Truth" corruption effect so that it no longer causes excessive cooldown reduction on skills like Fist of Justice. Now there was the role backwards: everything stays the same!

You may have noticed: A few days ago, those responsible at Blizzard in official World of Warcraft forum a hotfix for the corruption effect "Indescribable truth"announced so that he can use skills like"Fist of justice"can no longer lead to an excessive cooldown reduction. Specifically, Community Manager Thyvene wrote:

"The flaw is that the interaction of the Corrupting Truth Corrupting Effect with abilities like Fist of Justice leads to unduly excessive cooldown reduction.

This hotfix no longer inadvertently increases the cooldown reduction of Fist of Justice (and similar abilities) by effects that speed up cooldowns (such as Unprecedented Truth). "

But apparently there will be no hotfix after all. Last night revealed community manager Kaivaxthat you looked at the matter again based on the feedback from the players and then decided against a change. Earlier, Ion Hazzikostas had already told us on Twitter that such a change would in no way leave collateral damage to other modes of play, such as "fire".

What do you think of Blizzard withdrawing the proposed change? Let us know in the comments!

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