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Update from March 9th, 2021: In the meantime, Blizzard has officially confirmed that the limit on Valor Points that you can accumulate has been removed and will not be released on the live servers.

This is correct. There will not be a limit of 1500 Valor that can be held.

Original message: The fact that the introduction of the Valor Points with WoW Patch 9.0.5 was not planned long in advance, but rather was decided at short notice, can be seen from the amount of changes that the system has made on the PTR in the few weeks. And obviously the developers are still not quite sure in which form the feature should actually go live. A few days before the release of Patch 9.0.5, the developers tinkered with the tooltip for the bravery points again. This indicates that the developers have taken into account one of the big criticisms shortly before and that the system will look a little different than it was announced in the official patch notes.

Originally, the system should have two different upper limits: Both the amount of points that can be earned each week and the amount of total points that you have at the same time should be limited. According to the patch notes, you can have a maximum of 1,500 points at the same time. The amount of Valor Points that you can earn each week, however, starts at 5,000 points and increases over the course of the patch. This was also reflected in the tooltip for the valor points.

WoW: But no upper limit for bravery points? Tooltip adapted on the PTR (2)

WoW: But no upper limit for bravery points? Tooltip adapted on the PTR (2)

Source: Buffed

Exactly this tooltip has now been adapted on the PTR. And suddenly there is no longer any question of a limit on the number of points that you can earn. And the amount of points you can save has been increased dramatically at the same time. This contradicts not only the official statement from the patch notes, but also a principle that Blizzard in WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) Shadowlands pursued.

On the one hand, the players' demands to be able to save more points would be taken into account, which many had asked for in view of the high costs of upgrading (1,000 points for a two-handed weapon). On the other hand, however, the players are allowed to farm almost unlimited valor points and thus endlessly upgrade their items. This contradicts the idea of ​​no longer having a relevant endgame grind with which you can improve your character almost endlessly by simply investing time.

Many therefore suspect that Blizzard actually wants to remove the upper limit for collected bravery points and that the currently displayed cap should represent the upper limit for the weekly bravery points to be earned. In terms of numbers, this would correspond to what we could originally have earned in the sixth week (since the amount of points that could be earned should increase weekly). This is the case, for example, with the capture points, which have a similar tooltip. Therefore, we also assume that there is still a weekly limit on the number of points that you can earn, but there is no longer an upper limit on how many points you can save.

The only question now is which is more up-to-date: the PTR or the patch notes? So is there an old build of patch 9.0.5 on the PTR or was the change made after the patch notes were written? We will know by next Wednesday, March 10th, when 9.0.5 hits the live servers. We assume, however, that the developers made a last-minute change here in order to respond to the feedback from the players, because that's also what they have made a big difference with Shadowlands.

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