Developer Nauhgty Dog is looking for developers with PC experience. A job posting suggests that The Last of US 2 will not only be released for the PlayStation.

Sony seems to be slowly moving away from the exclusive titles, but does that also apply to The Last of Us 2? According to rumors of a PC port from Horizon: Zero Dawn, it may not be that unusual that a job posting from Naughty Dog, Developer looking for PC game experience.

Naughty Dog is looking for a graphic developer "With an understanding of current GPU architecture" including NVIDIA. However, the graphics cards in the PS5 (and also the Xbox Series X) are from AMD. NVIDIA cards are often at home in a PC case. There is also an explicit demand for programming experience in the area of ​​consoles and PCs.

Perhaps Sony will thus follow Microsoft, which is somewhat weakening its boundaries between platforms with the next generation of consoles. Sony's successful consoles are also partly due to their popular exclusive titles, which is actually a reason not to move away from them.

However, the question of whether Sony is moving more into the PC market is not answered by a job posting at Naughty Dog.

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