The retail chain GameStop has so far only offered the coveted PlayStation 5, like all other shops, online. From now on you will also have the opportunity to buy the consoles on site in the store. We'll tell you how it works here.

PlayStation 5

Buy a PS5 with an appointment

The enterprise GameStopZing informed us by press mail that you can now also use the PlayStation 5 with you in the local stores on site can buy. However, it works only by appointment via phone. You can find the participating stores and their telephone numbers in this daily updated overview from GameStop.

Of course, these are also given on site Hygiene measures adhered to. Currently, the consoles on offer are already sold out in stores, but with upcoming deliveries you will get a chance to buy the PS5 without annoying scalpers.

Both GameStop and we advise against spontaneous visits in open shops to check the availability of the next-gen. Use the phone numbers linked above. GameStop also asks to be contacted by telephone regarding the availability of the PS5 in general Service hotline to renounce.

GameStop fulfills customer wishes

The offer in the stores is on express Wish of many long-term customers who, like everyone else, encounter the existing difficulties in purchasing the PS5 online. The existing problem of bots and scalpers behind them cannot be dealt with in any other way by GameStop.

A statement from Robert Pimpl, Director Marketing and eCommerce reads:

"Although our IT has taken all possible precautions, the availability of the coveted consoles in our stores is the most effective means to prevent purchases by bots and scalpers and to provide more real Playstation fans with the PS5."

If you want to buy online, we recommend you take a look at our practical overview for ordering the PS5.

GameStop is now also selling PS5 consoles in the store. That should be good news for many. How do you find this campaign, also with regard to Corona? And have you even been able to get hold of a PS5 locally in stores? Visit us on Facebook and write us your thoughts on it in the comments.