PS5, Xbox Series X and also Nintendo Switch: If you want to buy one of the current consoles, you need patience and a good deal of luck. Dealers occasionally sell stocks, but they are usually out of stock after just a few minutes – the demand for the game consoles is huge. The Nintendo Switch, which was launched in 2017, is also out of stock in many places. states on the product page, for example, that new consoles are not expected until the end of May. The numbers for Nintendo look rosy: In a current annual report, the company announced that it had delivered 28.83 million Switch consoles to retailers in the past fiscal year. For the current year, the publisher has set itself the goal of supplying retailers with 25.5 million switch devices.

In a subsequent Press conference left Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa realized that you couldn’t produce as many switch consoles as you wanted. The reason is the global shortage of chips, which affects Microsoft and Sony, among others. “Because of the shortage of chips, we can’t make as many products as we want,” says Furukawa. “Of course we do everything we can, but the uncertainty about the production plans is increasing,” added the Nintendo President.

The profit forecast is based on the assumption that Nintendo can secure enough parts and materials. In April, Furukawa announced that Nintendo was able to order enough semiconductors to service the short-term switch production. However, he could not rule out the possibility of delivery bottlenecks in the course of the year. As usual, we will keep you up to date in our news area. Keep an eye on our bargain guide, which we regularly add to the latest deals.

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