So far, there have been two waves of pre-orders for the PS5. However, the PS5 was sold out within a very short time on both dates. So if you didn't go to the right online retailer at the right time, you looked into the tube accordingly. Recently they reported Dealers Medimax and GameStopthat there will be another chance to reserve a console on the day the PS5 is released, November 19th.

Now Amazon has also announced EU supplies for some European countries. The online retailer sent the good news to a number of customers from Great Britain, Spain and Italy by email. A limited number of advance orders should be possible there from 1:00 p.m. German time. Amazon EU does not give a fixed delivery date, but according to the mail, the retailer wants to deliver the consoles to the pre-orderers as soon as possible.

Whats up with Germany?

So far, there have been no confirmed reports as to whether contingents of the Sony console are also available on Amazon EU in this country. However, the likelihood is by no means too low that the online retailer will also sell the PlayStation 5 in Germany (buy now ) offers for pre-order. In addition, it should be possible to order the PS5 in the European Amazon Store without any problems. However, due to the distance, customers have to plan for the delivery delays with this variant.

To shorten the wait for the console a little, Sony's big launch night show will take place on November 18th. Sony is celebrating the launch of the new console with exciting guests from 9:15 p.m. live on ProSieben Maxx. You can also watch the unique event on the official PlayStation channels of Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube look at.

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PS5: Again reports of possible cancellations

Buyers of the PS5 report that orders are apparently being canceled again. A Launch Night Event will be held on November 18th to mark the launch of the PS5.

PS5: Sony celebrates start with Launch Night Show and is giving away a console

Tomorrow, November 18th, Sony is hosting the Launch Night Show to mark the launch of the PS5. The system update 20.02-02.25.00 for the PS5 is available for download. (1)

PS5: New 886 megabyte system update published before EU release

Shortly before the EU release of the PS5, Sony released the system update 20.02-02.25.0.

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