Buying the PS5 is still a real feat in this country. The console is permanently sold out and subsequent deliveries are always sold out within seconds. They regularly wait to be able to at least pre-order the PS5 – a console that actually appeared in November 2020.

Quite a few desperate gamers therefore resort to offers from scalpers and resellers, which deliver the Playstation 5 (buy now ) from Sony on Platforms such as Ebay, but also Mazon, offer moon prices of 1000 euros and more.

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Well, in Egypt you don't have to fall back on shady offers for such prices. The console has finally appeared there and officially costs 15,999 Egyptian pounds. That corresponds to a hefty 1015 US dollars or just over 850 euros!

The accessories are not behind: the DualSense controller is available for the recommended retail price of a mere 106 euros (Germany: 70 euros), the Pulse 3D wireless headset for 150 euros (Germany: 100 euros), the charging cradle for 50 euros (Germany : around 30 euros), the remote control for just over 50 euros (Germany: 30 euros) and the HD camera for around 100 euros (Germany 60 euros).

It remains to be seen whether Playstation fans in Egypt will also have to struggle with scalpers. In any case, you are used to astronomical prices.

In the past there have always been obscure cases where consoles cost massively more in individual countries than in other parts of the world, especially in Brazil. So they asked for a proud 1350 euros for the PS4. These cases are almost always due to particularly high taxes on entertainment electronics or individual components and high import duties, which the manufacturers pass on to customers without further ado.

If you are interested in buying the PS5, you should regularly keep an eye on the websites of online retailers, some of which we list here for you. As soon as there are new deliveries, you will of course find out from us.

Buy a PS5: keep an eye on these vendors

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