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The PS5 should buy again today to let. Like among other things reported, individual German retailers are now being given additional contingents of the PlayStation 5, which will then be sold directly. This is not supposed to be the larger fourth wave that Sony has announced for the end of the year. Rather, selected dealers receive a small contingent today. So if you want to order a PlayStation 5, you should hurry: the consoles should be sold again in no time.

According to reports, Euronics, Medimax and are among the German retailers where you can buy a PS5 today. At what time the individual product pages go online is not yet known. The Medimax website announced that the PlayStation 5 should be able to be ordered "during the morning". It should be similar with the other shops. (buy now )

The sales take place exclusively online, the branches of the individual dealers are not stocked. You can find the links to the shops below. It is worth keeping an eye on other providers such as Amazon, Expert and Gamestop. However, it is unlikely that the shops will also sell more PS5 consoles today. These dealers are apparently just starting Part of the fourth wavewhich will presumably not follow until later in December.

Buy PS5 today: list of dealers (date unclear, probably in the morning)

Buy Euronics – PS5
Buy Otto – PS5
Buy Medimax – PS5 – buy PS5 (Austria)
Buy Libro – PS5 (Austria)

More shops to keep an eye on

In addition to the aforementioned German dealers, individual Austrian shops apparently also sell the PS5 today. For example, additional PlayStation 5 consoles are to be made available on and According to reports, however, the dealers do not deliver abroad. German players would have to switch to friends who order the PS5 in Austria. We will keep you up to date. The PS5 has been available since November 19th.

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