The Xbox Series X launch is done: The new Microsoft console is available from today. The Xbox One successor has been available for pre-order since September 22nd: If you wanted to hold one of the new consoles in your hands on launch day, you had to be quick – the contingents were sold out within a very short time. However, reports are currently making the rounds on the Internet that some players cannot expect delivery of their pre-ordered Xbox Series X today. Amazon USA is currently informing customers that the console will "be able to be delivered in the coming weeks if new contingents are available again".

"I am extremely disappointed with Amazon," writes Twitter user Eric Nawrocki, who made the merchant's e-mail public via the short message service. "I pre-ordered my Xbox Series X on September 22nd, as soon as it was available," the user wrote, adding that he had not received an update on how his order was sent before receiving the email. Amazon, in turn, announces that it will receive further contingents in the course of November and December. "We are currently assuming that you will receive your Xbox Series X by December 31st or earlier," said Amazon. On Twitter, the company adds that the consoles will be shipped in November and December when new stocks arrive due to high demand. Users will receive an email as soon as their order has been shipped.

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The information does not indicate how many users are affected. In Germany the dispatch seems to be the Xbox Series X via for the most part as planned to run: Those who pre-ordered the Xbox Series X in good time should receive the console today. An Xbox Series X ordered from the PC Games editorial team at Amazon is also scheduled for punctual delivery on today's release date. German dealers had the new console in stock over and over again in the past few days and weeks. (buy now )

Even today Release day the Xbox should buy sporadically let, for example at Media Markt, Saturn and Gamestop. In addition, it is worth asking brick-and-mortar retailers: According to Microsoft, individual branches are now selling remnants of the Xbox Series X. But here too, if you want to buy an Xbox Series X, you have to be quick. The contingents should be sold out within a very short time. Xbox boss Phil Spencer last announced that the Delivery bottlenecks will probably continue for "a few months" will. The Xbox Series X costs 499 euros.

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Microsoft has issued a statement to players who hold the Xbox Series X in their hands before the launch.

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