The Xbox Series X can be pre-ordered again. How to find the product pages at Media Markt and Saturn shows, the new Microsoft console is currently back in stock. If you want to hold one of the new consoles in your hands on time for the release, you shouldn't hesitate long with the purchase. It is unclear how many Xbox Series X consoles Media Markt and Saturn are currently offering in advance sales. The following links can be used to access the pre-order websites. Microsoft announced on social networks over the weekend that it would soon be launching a second wave of pre-orders. The advance booking is now live.

The Xbox Series X is sold at both Saturn and Media Markt at the standard price of 499 euros. The delivery costs are free. In the shopping cart you can see the information that delivery will be on November 10th, punctually for the launch day of the new Microsoft console. Media Markt and Saturn currently seem to be the only dealers who have received a further contingent.

It is currently not possible to pre-order from retailers such as Amazon, Otto or Gamestop. It is not known whether this will change in the coming days. As soon as we get more information, you will find out as usual on our website. It is best to keep an eye on our news section. Have a look at our regularly updated bargain guide. Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X have been accepted since the end of September. The first allotments were completely sold out at the dealerships after a short time.

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Xbox Series X: Microsoft explains the technology behind the next-gen console

Also popular with PC games readers Games for the Xbox Series X could also be streamed on the Xbox One. "Src =" games_b2teaser_169.jpg

Xbox Series X: Games could run on Xbox One too

According to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, it is conceivable that you can play games for the Xbox Series X / S on the Xbox One. The Xbox Series S loads some games faster than the Xbox Series X. (1) "src ="

Xbox Series S: Loads some games faster than Xbox Series X.

Although the Xbox Series S has a little less hardware power, it is sometimes even a tad superior to the Xbox Series X.

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