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In one of the past blogs, the developers talked about flying in WoW Shadowlands and explained which quests you have to complete in order to be able to buy flying in the Shadowlands. Now they made it very clear what they meant by “buy”.

Blizzard released a few days ago an official article all about the requirements and the activation of flies in WoW Shadowlands. There was a lot of already known information about the required fame level and quests. Not a big surprise to most players. However, a formulation by the developers made quite a stir in the forums shortly afterwards. Because in the text was the following passage:

  • Upon completing a quest contained within the “The Last Sigil” storyline, you’ll be rewarded with Memories of Sunless Skies. This consumable item allows all characters on your account to purchase the Riding Skill needed to fly within the four main Shadowlands zones!
  • In other words: With the completion of a quest within the storyline “The Last Seal” you will receive the memories of the sunless sky as a reward. This consumable item enables all characters on your account the purchase the riding skill required to fly within the four main zones of Shadowlands.

So Blizzard spoke of the fact that you only earn the purchase of the necessary riding skills through the quests. This of course left a lot of space for speculation and so it did not take long and the first (very crude) theories were put forward. The players’ guesses ranged from buyable skills, such as the cold weather flight in WotLK at the time, to flight skills that had to be bought for real money in the shop. But the reality is very different. Blizzard apparently doesn’t have the right grammar and just expressed itself incorrectly.

Clarification from Blizzard

Because what the developers actually wanted to express with it, as they now in a comment to the operator of the site wowhead let it be known was something else. Actually, they just wanted to express that completing the quests alone is not enough to be able to fly.

  • You must also have purchased the ability to fly. But this is nothing new that you can only then buy. It’s the normal thing Experienced ridingthat allows you to use flight mounts.

So the vast majority don’t have to buy anything. Only very few players who are new to WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) may still need to buy it. However, they are allowed to do so now and it is not the end of the quest that enables them to do so.

In the meantime, the text in the official English-language article has also been adapted and now speaks of “… this consumable item enables all characters on your account who have experienced riding skills to fly …”. The German article, however, still reads incorrectly. But in view of the state of the community work at Blizzard, it is not to be expected that this will be adjusted.

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