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With WoW: Shadowlands we plunge into a new, dark adventure. In a few weeks we are off to the Shadowlands, where Sylvanas and her dark allies are waiting for us. But also in Azeroth there is lore news that will influence the future story of World of Warcraft. On the test server we finally find out whether Calia Menethil will officially lead the Forsaken or not.

Sylvanas Windrunner disappeared at the end of WoW: Battle for Azeroth and left the Forsaken and the Horde in the lurch. The betrayal of the Banshee Queen split the undead into many different groups. Now there is hatred and mutual distrust among the Forsaken. But there is still hope! Eventually occurs Calia Menethil, the former princess of Lordaeron, out of the shadow of history and takes over the leadership of the undead in WoW: Shadowlands.

Sylvanas' change of sides and the return of the Scourge bring some old WoW heroes to the scene. There would be Bolvar Fordragon and Darion Mograine, who rudely awaken the Dark Princess from hibernation at the start of WoW: Shadowlands. But there is also some news to marvel at beyond the new battlefield. After the debacle with Sylvanas, the Horde renounces a new war chief and relies on a council of nations that will decide the future of the Horde. In the midst of these events, Calia Menethil, the light-forged undead, makes an important decision.

On the PTR server, Calia talks to Valeera about her new role and how she envisions the future of the Forsaken. Although Calia gives herself the title of "Advisor", she is ready to fight alongside the Forsaken (and with it the Horde). You can find the dialogue texts in the following gallery:

WoW: Calia and Veleera talk about the future of the undead in Shadowlands (1) (Source: buffed)

It seems that the princess cannot fully appreciate the consequences of her decision to lead the undead. She not only faces the difficult task of reuniting the Forsaken, but also adequately represents her people on the Council of the Horde. It remains to be seen whether she will manage that as a "consultant". After all, the peace between the Horde and the Alliance will not last forever. One day Calia will definitely have to make a clear decision on which side to go.

The really exciting thing about the dialogue, however, is that we learn from Calia herself that she no longer sees herself as the heir to Lordaeron. In doing so, she would have a legitimate claim to the throne. At this point it should be said that Blizzard developers do not want to tell us which path Calia Menethil and the Forsaken will take in the future. This secret leaves a lot of room for speculation. It is entirely possible that at the end of Shadowlands another character will take the place of Calia to lead the undead.

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