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The update for Start of Season 1 for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War postponed: The activation is planned for December 16. The launch was previously dated December 10th. In one Treyarch shared a blog entry with wanting to do some final work on the "many new content". As a small consolation for the extended waiting time, the developers are distributing two free bundles to all players who dial into the first-person shooter between December 8th and 16th.

The "Field Research" package includes the epic Park Operator skin, an epic blueprint for a submachine gun, an epic crosshair for sights, an epic business card and a rare weapon tag. The free "Certified" bundle includes an epic Garcia Operator skin, a rare blueprint for an assault rifle, an epic crosshair for sights and an epic weapon tag.

You can secure the bundles available in the in-game store by December 16 at 8 a.m. After the campaign, the starting shot for Season 1 should be given. Most recently, the developers published a new trailer, which among other things Rebirth Island confirmed as the new Warzone map. The fact that Alcatraz should return in the Battle Royale shooter has been circulating as a leak on the Internet since last week. With the activation of Season 1, the BR shooter will also be implemented in Black Ops Cold War. The first person shooter is available on PC and consoles.

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