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The next update is due for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. The playlist update will appear on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. Infinity Ward has already released details about the new game modes and bundles. It is likely that the update will also apply some bug fixes. Multiplayer designer Joe Cecot on Twitter provides insights into the bug fixes that the developers are currently working on.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone will receive a new update shortly. Infinity Ward and Activision have already announced the content planned for this week. Among other things, players can look forward to new playlists in multiplayer mode. In Warzone, the loot trios come into play. Ronin is also a new operator. It is likely that the next update will also include some bug fixes, but has not been confirmed so far. Infinity Ward will not be able to submit the patch notes until the release of the patch this evening or Wednesday morning.

Multiplayer designer granted Joe Cecot on Twitter always insights into the current development. The developer uses the short message service to respond to inquiries from fans – and tells them which bug fixes can be expected for Modern Warfare. For example, a fix for a problem is currently in progress Claymore-Kils in challenges cannot be counted. The developers are also tackling glitches in Ground War mode. For example, a Twitter user writes that he was spawning on a team member who was glitching on the Palace of the Map Aniyah Palace had found. "The entire opposing team reported me, although I can't do anything at all. Is there a fix in progress?" Asks the user. Cecot confirms the bug, the developers are working on a solution. (buy now for € 57.95)

Modern Warfare players also report that early spawns sometimes occur in Search & Destroy. Users report that some players have some Seconds before other players start the round – and get unfair advantages. According to Cecot, there is also a bug here. However, the developers have so far not been able to reproduce the error. Therefore, it should take some time before an update applies a bugfix for this as well. As soon as we have the patch notes for the upcoming playlist update, you can find out as usual on our website. You can find out which bug fixes the developers are also working on in Trello board on Modern Warfare.

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