the Unlocks Caldera in Warzone Getting closer: The new map will be available in the Battle Royale Shooter from December 9th. Call of Duty Vanguard owners get started 24 hours earlier – and will join the battle on December 8th. To prepare for the arrival of the Verdansk successor, the developers have published a detailed overview of the map. The creators show for the first time which areas and points of interest (POI) await you on Caldera in Warzone. Previously, the card could only be seen in jackets that were used for World premiere of Vanguard were distributed.

So wait for that Pacific Island 15 areas on you, each with numerous points of interest – marked in the graphic with orange-colored dots. On Caldera, for example, you can explore a city, villages, ruins, mines and a submarine base. With the new map, the developers are adapting the Warzone setting to that of Vanguard at the same time: Thematically, the map is set in 1944 and takes place in the Second World War.

About the coming days Warzone says goodbye to Verdansk, the previous map that has been the focus of the battles since the launch of the Battle Royale shooter in March of last year. Until the Caldera release, players can look forward to some events and rewards that take place in both Vanguard and Warzone. A Timetable for the last hours on Verdansk the developers had already published. The last also provided a foretaste of the new map mysterious red doors in Call of Duty Warzone.

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