Call of Duty Warzone: Nasty bug kills you immediately – players warn about item – game updates

from David Martin
There is currently a nasty bug in Call of Duty Warzone. Among other things, players report on Reddit that the heartbeat sensor in the Battle Royale shooter is said to have an error. A published gameplay video shows: As soon as the heartbeat sensor is activated in Warzone, it takes the players into the knockout phase. On Reddit, users suspect that especially heartbeat sensors are defective, which can be collected on the map during the match. Infinity Ward will probably have to improve this with a new update.

Players are in Call of Duty: Warzone encountered an equally strange and nasty bug. As reported on Reddit, among others, the heartbeat sensor is currently affected by an error. After the item is picked up and activated, it should immediately throw the player to the ground. A player posted a short gameplay video as evidence. When he switched on the heartbeat sensor in Warzone, he was knocked out immediately – he did not take any damage from an opposing player.

After his teammates helped him in Call of Duty Warzone, he tried again – and again he was turned off. So it is likely that there is a bug in the heartbeat sensors distributed on the map. Therefore, you should initially refrain from using the item in the Battle Royale shooter. Infinity Ward must allegedly remove the bug from the game world with an upcoming update. (buy now)

Other players on Reddit also report that they have been affected by this error. The bug seems to have been in the game for several days, as can be seen from the comments of the players. As soon as we receive further information, you will find out as usual in our news area. Infinity Ward had a new one just yesterday Update for Modern Warfare and Warzone released to remove various bugs. Tuesday was a Playlist update applied.

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