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That Call of Duty: Warzone gets a night mode seems to have been set in the meantime. The vague references in a trailer for Season 4 were followed by tangible details in the update files for Season 5 Reloaded. Now there is a new leak for the night map for the Battle Royale shooter. New screenshots were distributed via the well-known Twitter channel ModernWarzone, which supposedly show the new night mode in Warzone. The authenticity of the pictures could not be confirmed at first. An announcement from Infinity Ward is pending.

The rumors of a night mode in Call of Duty: Warzone are growing. The fact that Infinity Ward is working on a corresponding update for the Battle Royale shooter suggests a recent post on the well-known Twitter channel "ModernWarzone". The channel has made screenshots public that are supposed to show the night mode in Warzone. The pictures show the beginning of a Battle Royale match in a dark environment – there is no trace of the bright sunshine that players usually find on Verdansk. However: The authenticity of the pictures cannot yet be confirmed.

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"ModernWarzone" announced on Twitter that it had received the pictures from an anonymous user. Whether the pictures are real or a fake was initially unclear: According to the channel, the recordings are neither from an insider source nor from the game files. The images could have been created by a glitch. Other users also write on Twitter that they have already experienced such a dark entry scene in Warzone. Shortly afterwards, however, the sun should have shone again as usual. That the pictures correspond to the truth, could he Confirm the channel in the meantime: The user has experienced the same situation several times in a row.

How the sudden night mode at the start of a game comes about is currently not clear. The fact that Infinity Ward is already working in the background on a night version for Warzone was something that Dataminers were recently able to identify from the game files in the Season 5 Reloaded update. The trailer for season 4 already contained possible references to a night mode. A confirmation from the developers has not yet been received. We will keep you up to date in our news area.

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