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Infinity Ward seems to be preparing a first major update for Call of Duty Warzone – the Battle Royale mode has been available as an update for Modern Warfare and as a standalone version for a few days. The bug fixes the developers are working on for an upcoming patch can be found in the information on the Trello board. There the developers list current problems – and reveal which bugs they want to tackle for upcoming Call of Duty Warzone updates. It is assumed that the next patch will appear on Tuesday.

Call of Duty Warzone players will soon have access to a major update. The developers' Trello board shows that there are several bug fixes pending for an upcoming patch. There are listed some of the bugs that will soon be fixed in Modern Warfare's Battle Royale mode. For example, players recently reported that in random situations they get a "black screen" when they move across the map. In addition, with an upcoming Warzone update, the error should no longer occur that players who leave the match will not drop any collected loot.

In addition, the developers are working on a bugfix for the animations in Call of Duty Warzone. So you can get "stuck" in an animation if you revive a fallen comrade but cancel this process. Players who are the last to die on a team of three should no longer receive the message after an upcoming update that their team can resuscitate them if they leave the match.

At what point in time the fixes are applied is not clear from the information. However, the Trello Board points out that the errors mentioned "for an upcoming update" have already been fixed. The next update is expected on March 17th. Call of Duty Warzone has recently become available as a standalone version and as a free update for Modern Warfare. The Battle Royale battles are available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. (buy now for € 50.55)

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