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The creators of the sandbox MMO New World from Amazon Game Studios vividly explained the combat system and character development in a new video. In New World, you don't choose a class, but the weapons with which you want to fight your enemies better and more efficiently. Magic is also accessible to every hero. We have summarized the information for you.

If you start your adventure in the upcoming sandbox MMO New World from the developers of Amazon Game Studios, you do not choose a class with your hero, but you can develop it as you want. So that you can find out which weapons suit you best in the real-time combat system, you can of course try all of them.

In New World (buy now for € 39.99) As with many sandbox MMORPGs in combat, the aim is not to use the weapons and equipment with the best values, but to use the right timing when deciding whether to attack, block or evade. On top of that, you don't select your opponent, but have to aim independently. If you watch the video from the developers, you may be reminded of the combat system of For Honor, Elder Scrolls or From software games.

New World: Developer video shows combat system and weapon development

As mentioned, you can use any weapon to find out which fighting style suits you, because of course every weapon type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Once you have found a weapon whose style suits you, you will earn experience points for the talent tree of a weapon type by using it often. You can use these points to fight more efficiently with this weapon and to unlock abilities.

It works differently with the New World magic system. Every hero can use magic per se, but only those who specifically increase attributes such as intelligence and focus can really make powerful spells work. Now you don't have to concentrate on one type of weapon or type of combat – if you invest enough time, you can expand and master all combat styles. According to the developers, you can change your loadout constantly, always based on what is most needed or most useful in your current situation. So whether you want to go into battle with a sword and shield, but then quickly want to throw a throwing ax at the head of a fleeing opponent – there are almost endless possibilities for character development.

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New World: Developer video shows combat system and weapon development

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