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City State Entertainment recently announced Ragnarok: Colossus, a new co-op PvE game for PC and consoles. The project is slated to appear later this year, ahead of the online role-playing game Camelot Unchained, which has been in development for about eight years. Colossus is supposed to be free for all supporters of "CU". Nevertheless, in many cases they are not very enthusiastic about the announcement.

We had often addressed them, the many Shifts in the online role-playing game Camelot Unchained by developer veteran Mark Jacobs and City State Entertainment. Most recently in November it was said that the release is now planned for 2020, but that no roadmap is to be published to give the product the time it needs.

However, following the developers' recent announcement, many Kickstarter MMORPG supporters now feel they have learned the real reason for the recent shifts. Mark Jacobs introduced Ragnarok: Colossus, a new co-op PvE game for PC and the consoles, in which you take on gigantic hordes of enemy monsters in a mythological setting. Camelot Unchained's engine is to be used to display the large number of units. The announcement and first gameplay scenes can be found in the following video (from minute 00:20:15):

According to Jacobs, developers have been working on this game since July 2019, but it should be released as early as 2020 – before Camelot Unchained. In addition, supporters of CU Ragnarok: Colossus should receive for free. Jacobs also promises that the backers will even benefit in the form of account credits if Ragnarok: Colossus is extremely successful. Towards Massivelyop The chief developer also said that the development of Ragnarok: Colossus would also benefit Camelot Unchained. First, because Ragnarok: Colossus played a large part in the developers being able to attract additional investments. On the other hand, some technical aspects of Ragnarok: Colossus are now also used in Camelot Unchained, without that they will eat up too much time in the remaining development. He mentions the Linux-based server stack, matchmaking, tower defense elements, smarter and stronger NPCs, new assets, lighting effects and rendering improvements as well as weather systems as examples.

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Camelot Unchained: Tech video shows gameplay scenes

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