Campaign money spent on video games: politician pleads guilty

US Congressman Duncan Hunter is accused of having made a nice living for himself and his family from campaign funds in the years 2010-2016. Now he pleaded guilty to court.

The judiciary is currently assuming that The Hunter spent over $ 150,000 on campaign funds for the "Personal pleasure" stolen from his family. From this he financed not only shoes and clothing but also overseas holidays and even took the two rabbits of the family, Eggburt and Cadbury, on their air travel.

Since Hunter Junior is apparently on video games, there were for the son Steam games worth $ 1,302. I hope he has bought the most in the sale, not even having 25 games in six years (if only full-price titles were bought), almost bordering on torture – the poor boy. Eggburt and Cadbury could have stayed at home for a Thailand vacation.

Hunter and his wife now expect a five-year prison sentence and a $ 250,000 fine in the worst case scenario. The conviction and sentence will be announced on March 17, 2020.

Original news from 23rd August 2018:

US politician charged because he campaigner u. a. spent on games

In the US, a congressman and his wife have now been summoned to court for apparently misusing campaign funds. The money flowed among other things in golf games, in flights and in steam games.

According to CNN the total misappropriated money is a total of $ 250,000. The site published the indictment with the complete expense list. In it can be seen that the congressman Duncan Hunter has invested in addition to expenses for flights, admissions and hotel accommodation, including $ 1,300 in Steam games.

Apparently, he gave his son the credit card to pay, but noted these expenses as personal, which would be repaid promptly. In addition, $ 270 flowed into a computer keyboard and gaming mouse. Now the couple is due to appear in court in San Diego for a formal charge.

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