Sony is currently struggling with an absurd problem that puts the release of the PS5 in jeopardy in an important market. Will the manufacturer still manage to avert the disaster in time?

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Update from 12. October 2020: An absurd story is making the rounds on the internet. Apparently a private person in India secured the trademark rights of the PS5 before Sony. The result: Sony cannot bring the new console to the Indian market – which could cost the company hard cash with a population of 1.4 billion in India.

After the story slowly picked up speed last week, the new owner of the trademark is now faced with countless angry fans who urge him to to reassign the trademark rights to Sony.

The fans did not stop at threats either, so that the Indian felt compelled to Apply for police protection.

According to a Twitter user, the drama over the trademark rights should not have any impact on the Amazon pre-orders of the PS5:

It remains to be seen what effects the failure to secure the naming rights will have in the end. GIGA keep you up to date.

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PlayStation 5: a problem in India

The PlayStation 5 will be released in November 2020 and the console could already be pre-ordered in most countries, but not in India. Sony has still not given a price there. But that's not the worst, because it has now been announced that Sony is in India does not even own the trademark rights for the name "PlayStation 5".

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Who bought the brand?

The website The Mako Reactor reported that Hitesh Aswani from Delhi got the brand secured in India on October 29, 2019, three months before Sony came up with the idea. A case is currently underway that Sony will probably win, but the case is still causing a bitter aftertaste in the community, especially in India, because there you have to be patient.

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