Hiking is the porter's desire! Death Stranding lets you carry large, small and many parcels through America – how many kilograms you can heave on your back is one of the questions you'll ask yourself at some point. Below we explain how you can train the muscles of your Sams.

Not only walking, but also carrying parcels is the Porter's desire in Death Stranding. You steer the grumpy Sam Porter Bridges, who undoubtedly has a reason for his bad mood: He has to deliver parcels – and that on foot.

The whole is but not so easyDeathstringing is about defeating impassable terrain with a Sam who suffers noticeably under the weight on his shoulders. If you take him too much he will barely be able to walk or even sink to his knees and give up.

First tip for carrying packages: Do not carry too much, And if it does, use at least one vehicle.

Carry more by leveling

It could not be simpler: the number of Increase kilogramsyou can carry, you have to leveling, And you do that by doing missions, getting likes – and delivering parcels. balance such as load you can find them in the character menu of Sam, and both values ​​will increase with your level.

If you are outside the main quest by side missions, you can very quickly more kilograms of packages carry and deliver.

A few Tips to the fast leveling – and increase the load capacity:

  • mission management
    • Plan your travels carefully and accept all the missions you can do on the way.
    • Take care that you are not overloaded!
  • Pay attention to your goods
    • Always trying to deliver perfect goods – that gives more points!
  • Lost goods
    • Always pick up lost goods if you still have room on your back.
  • Starts every mission rested
  • Avoids GD contactif you transport important goods – this can be damaged.

By the way, you can not deliver parcels through the express journey, but you have to deliver them personally each time.

Increase payload: vehicles and crankset

There is also a quick fix, package parcels say. As bad Death Stranding can be, so gracious it is often with devices and vehiclesthat make your journey easier: with one motorcycle you can transport a few more packages, with one delivery trucks a whole bunch.

However, the different vehicles and aids are not available from the beginning. When you can hope for something, we explain to you in the overview:

  • motorcycle – middle of chapter 2
    • Good for rough terrain, but only room for a few packages.
  • vice – MULE bearings from chapter 3
    • Bad for rough terrain, but room for several packages.
  • skeletal force – engineer in chapter 3
    • Deliver packages to the engineer and do all the orders he gives you to fully level the skeleton.
    • With the skeleton you can carry more and run safer – a must!

In addition to the skeleton, you can still do that in the course of the game speed skeleton and a All-rounder skeleton Home: Also, always make sure that you complete the orders of the NPC that bequeathed the skeletons to you.

And another last tip: Build the road system so you can drive hundreds of parcels all at once with the truck from A to B