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The developers of Destiny 2 are still busy redesigning various activity systems. After some NPCs have already been adjusted, Zavala will no longer accept vanguard tokens from season 15 on August 24, 2021. So redeem it quickly!

You will receive various faction tokens in Destiny 2 when completing relevant activities. You redeem these tokens at the associated NPC in order to increase your reputation and thus receive reward packages with coveted loot. Now the developers of the MMO shooter have been tinkering with this system for a while, gradually removing tokens for certain activities. This is the fate now also ahead of Vanguard Zavala.

Cash in vanguard tokens now!

With the 15th season of Destiny 2, which will begin on August 24, 2021, the Vanguard Reputation ranks will be updated and therefore the Vanguard Tokens will no longer be required. In order to get the most profit from the accumulated tokens, you should pay a visit to Zavala BEFORE August 24th, 2021 and exchange your tokens for reward packages. After all, you don’t want the tokens to simply fizzle out with the update on August 24th without getting anything for your efforts.

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Destiny 2: Celebrate Solstice of Heroes 2021!

Re-accept triumphs

Im TWAB of July 8, 2021 The developers at Bungie also describe the following problem: “After Update 3.2.1 was released, players noticed that they had to reapply all of their previously assumed triumphs from seasons 13 and 14. This resulted from a fix for a Issue where Season 13 Triumphs and Season 14 triumphs had their triumph scores pooled, so players may notice that their Season 13 Triumph scores have decreased slightly because the scores have now been recalculated. We are also investigating an issue , in which players * cannot accept the triumphs of “catalyst competitor” and “in one go”. “

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