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Fans of the Witcher series have to be patient. The production of the second season will start soon, but the release is still a bit off. In the meantime, at least the new faces of the next season are known and in which roles we will see them.

So it's officially in the second round for the actors and the team from The Witcher. After the first season turned out to be a great success for Netflix, of course, it’s not long before shooting the second season, and the streaming service has since announced that production in the UK will start later this month. That sounds very positive at first, but we have to wait a little longer, because the release of the second season is only planned for 2021.

Who will we see in season two Witcher?

A new season of course means that new characters will appear, which should complement the known cast and the plot. As already reported, the red-haired Norwegian Kristofer Hivju takes over, who already enchanted the audience as Tormund giant death from Game of Thrones, the role of Nivellen. His appearance in the second season of The Witcher is expected to be particularly hot for the GoT fans. We will see the following actors in further roles:

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich was convinced of the cast: "The reactions to the first season of The Witcher have further confirmed that we have only the best talent for the new episodes. Sophie Holland and her casting team have once again found the best actors to portray the characters. We are excited to see how they bring the new stories to life through the influence of our experienced directors. "

In addition to the role of Nivellen, the role of Vesemir is also eagerly awaited. Not only the fans, but also Hissrich himself expressed the wish to cast the role of the old sorcerer with Star Wars darling Mark Hamillwho was not averse to this idea. Although it was said that he had been offered the role in the meantime, so far there is no confirmed information from Netflix. It is quite possible that those responsible will withhold this news for a better time. As soon as there is something new, you will of course find out here!

What do you think of the new actors? Do you find them suitable for the roles? Let us know in the comments!

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