Cate Blanchett takes on the role of Lilith in the Borderlands film

Now it's official: The Borderlands filming catches up with Cate Blanchett as the actress for the siren Lilith and thus gets extremely prominent growth. A casting decision that already promises a lot of attention.

Borderlands 3

Most people know Cate Blanchett as Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogy or as Thor's sister Hela in the movie Thor: Day of Decision. The Oscar winner (Aviator and Blue Jasmine) is the first confirmed cast for Eli Roth's Borderlands film.

The director was loud Variety just words of praise for the Australian-American actress. Through her collaboration in The House of Mysterious Clocks, Roth is convinced that "there is nothing that it cannot do".

"From drama to comedy and now action, Cate makes every scene sing. Working with her is every director's dream come true and I'm happy to work with her on an even bigger production. ”

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There is no production period and no further information about the occupation. The corona crisis has brought film studios to a standstill.

Original message from May 9, 2020:

Borderlands film: Cate Blanchett as Siren Lilith in conversation

For the filming of Borderlands, there should be a very prominent increase in casting. Oscar winner Cate Blanchett is said to play Siren Lilith.

According to one Variety's report Magazine should Actress Cate Blanchett for a role in the Borderlands film adaptation. According to the Variety sources, she is said to embody the Lilith siren. Although this information is initially to be treated as a rumor, the responsible studio Lionsgate has not yet commented on this message.

For that commented the official Twitter account of Gearbox, the developer behind the Borderlands series, at least indirectly the rumor with a photo of the actress next to the character is supposed to be playing.

"We are incredibly excited about this news. Borderlands is becoming a fantastic film. ”

By the way, for the director Horror specialist Eli Roth already committed. This is already planning cosplayers as extras for the film. Letting these pass with plenty of gore effects goes well with both Borderlands and Eli Roth.

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So why not Cate Blanchett for the role of Lilith? According to the comments below the Gearbox tweet, Ryan Reynolds is very much in demand as Handsome Jack. What do you think of these casting ideas? Write it in the comments.