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The film adaptation of the musical Cats is currently anything but well received. Among other things, the CGI effects are criticized. New effects are to be integrated while the film is still in the cinemas.

What is currently in the movie Cats happens is quite unusual. The film adaptation of the musical of the same name by Andrew Lloyd Webber is currently flopping at the box office and has to take a lot of criticism, especially because of the CGI effects. The appearance of the "people cats"is anything but good. But that is now being changed" on the fly ".

New effects while the film is in the cinema

The Universal film studio is now taking an interesting path. The film is provided with new, improved CGI effects. The cinemas will shortly receive a new version of the film, which offers the revised special effects. That means the effects are "exchanged" while the film is running in the cinemas.

The industry is already joking about a "Day One" patch that is otherwise only known from computer games. With today's options and because films are now delivered digitally to cinemas and are usually also shown there digitally, the exchange of a version is no longer a problem. Maybe that will do school and something like that will happen more often in the future.

So if you watch Cats in the cinemas now, you will see a different version than those who give the strips in the new version in a few days.

Source: Dark horizons

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