When a controller stops working and cannot be repaired, most people probably throw it in the trash. Proper disposal is important here, especially when batteries are involved – as a recent fire proves.

Xbox: when controllers catch fire

Batteries and electronics do not belong in the household waste, especially not both together. This is evidenced by a recent incident where improper disposal started a fire in a garbage truck.

The cause of the fire seems to be an old Xbox 360 controller – the marks on the battery compartment at least suggest this. The Buckinghamshire City Council in England therefore published a message reminding citizens of the unwanted Recycle electronic devices and batteries.

Why is Xbox still using batteries?

This is not only the case with old controllers, batteries are also required for the next-gen versions that come with the Xbox Series X / S. Microsoft recently commented on this and stated that there are numerous players who use the Prefer batteries in controllers and that this feature will therefore be retained. It remains to be seen whether this will always be the case.

Batteries are also required for this controller.

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