Basically every video game warns that certain scenes or events could be problematic for epileptics. Rapidly flashing lights, for example, can trigger epilepsy and this is a common occurrence in games. With Cyberpunk 2077 this should be a bit more problematic according to a report.

CD Projekt Red is working on a solution to the problem

For example, it is said that the appearance of Johnny Silverhand is accompanied by a blue flicker. That alone can trigger an epileptic seizure for some forms of epilepsy. The so-called braindances are even more problematic. Through this you can experience the memories of the deceased. This is important in the game, for example to solve murder cases and some quests. For a braindance, Held * in V puts on a headset. This is accompanied by an effect of rapidly flashing LEDs. This effect is not dissimilar to what neurologists use to induce an epileptic seizure in epileptics for examination purposes.

CD Projekt Red has now commented on the corresponding article that deals with this problem. The statement said, "Thanks for bringing this up. We are working on adding a separate warning to the game aside from the warning that exists in the EULA. For a more permanent fix, the development team is currently investigating and will implement it as soon as possible. "

CD Projekt Red is aware of the problem in Cyberpunk 2077 (buy now € 53.60 ) So consciously and for the time being builds in another warning, but also wants to work on a more comprehensive solution ingame. If you have problems with scenes that show flickering and flashing lights, it would be advisable to close your eyes at these points in the game. Lowering the monitor brightness should also help somewhat.

Source: Twitter

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