CD Projekt Red hands out a great Christmas present

The pre-Christmas mood at CD Projekt Red! Even before the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the development studio has a small present ready for all Witcher fans. The Witcher you can dust off completely for free – GIGA explains how you do it.

The Witcher

Get The Witcher: Enhanced Edition – RPG for free via GOG Galaxy

Many fans of "The Witcher" only became aware of the witcher with the third part of the game series from 2015. However, the first game in the saga is significantly older. In 2007, “The Witcher” was released exclusively for Windows, and there is still no console version.

Meanwhile a bit old – a screenshot of the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher (Image: CD Projekt Red)

Anyone who has not yet played the old role-playing game but can now do this for free on the PCbecause CD Projekt Red is giving away the technically improved "enhanced version" of the classic. To secure the game, you have to download the Steam alternative GOG Galaxy and install it on your PC. Then create a GOG account or log in with your existing one. Then click on the lettering "Current overview" on the left. Above you will see a banner that you can use to secure the game for free.

Do you need a little crash course for the Witcher Universe? We have summarized the most important facts for you in the video – spoiler-free:

CD Projekt Red is giving away The Witcher: There is a catch

What users should pay attention to: If you secure The Witcher: Enhanced Edition via the banner, you are also giving CD Projekt Red permission to Send news, updates and GOG deals to the linked email address. Anyone who is bothered by these emails can put the sender on their "black list". Alternatively, you can also Unsubscribe from the newsletter with just a few clicks. You can find the possibility in the promotional emails at the bottom in the small print.

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A nice Christmas present from CD Projekt Red for all fans who have always thought about playing the first game in the series. In contrast to the normal version, the Enhanced Edition numerous technical improvements, a new inventory and better dialogues and video sequences.