CD Projekt RED wants to defend itself against lawsuits

The team from CD Projekt RED just can't calm down these days. First the team had to struggle with the very bumpy launch of the role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077, which caused an enormous shit storm among fans. This not only caused a broken relationship of trust, but also caused the company's shares to crash – and thus to the frustration of some investors. They had initially announced that they would examine a possible lawsuit against CD Projekt RED, but this has now become a reality.

As reported by Bloomberg, among others, two law firms have filed a lawsuit against CD Projekt RED. These are "Rosen Law Firm" from New York and "The Schall Law Firm" from Los Angeles. They accuse the developer studio of providing investors with misleading information about the actual quality of Cyberpunk 2077 (buy now € 54.89 ) to have deceived and thus lost their money. The main argument they use is the almost unplayable state in which the role-playing game for the PS4 and Xbox One was launched. It seems that all parties involved have to prepare for a protracted legal battle, because CD Prokekt RED does not want to surrender without a fight.

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In a statement by the studio on the official website, the team addressed the angry investors directly, among other things. In it, CD Projekt RED announced that it would "vigorously defend itself against the lawsuits". Accordingly, the studio is not of the opinion that it was guilty of deliberate misleading or any other misconduct. We will of course keep you up to date in this regard.

Source: Bloomberg, CD project RED

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CD Projekt RED wants to defend itself in the legal dispute over Cyberpunk 2077. (2) (Source: CD Projekt Red)

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