Since we haven't been able to party, dance together and simply party for a long time, No Man's Sky now offers an alternative: Rave Planten. Yes, that's right – the committed community of the Galactic Hub is currently building party planets on which your dancing legs can at least virtually be fully utilized.

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky will be on the PS Store until December 1st, 2020 49.99 euros 24.99 euros reduced on offer.

If you wanted to give your inner nerd a treat, you should follow the machinations of the Galactic Hub in No Man's Sky: This is run by fans Federation of Planets is one of the largest no-man's sky communities and has already hosted the first Olympic Games in distant galaxies. Since a music update in December 2019, NMS players have also been able to compose their own songs in-game – which has now resulted in whole Disco planet gives. Maybe it's worth a visit?

The disco lasers belong to players who fire their weapons synchronously and thus light up the sky. But of course there's also music, like Redditor LuckyRemina in one Contribution to the Galactic Hub community presented melodically.

The You can visit rave planets yourselfif you are looking for the on Twitter or the Reddit forum Portal coordinates asks: With them you travel across a portal to every possible place in the No-Man's-Sky-Universe.

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No Man's Sky then and now: A journey through time

No Man's Sky has been around since release clear changed, multiplayer was added, new quests, new monsters, new variations and, and, and. It's not wrong to say that No Man's Sky has now more or less kept its promise of a fascinating sci-fi game. So if you've always wanted to take a look inside, now is the time. In addition, the developers continue to work on the game: Every year there are new free updates and with them new content.

No Man's Sky can be played on PC, PS4, Xbox One as well as on the next-gen consoles.