Celeste: Free sequel surprisingly released

In 2018, a little indie hopper managed to catch up qualitatively to jump & run genre greats such as Mario, Rayman, Super Meat Boy and Co. and potentially even surpass them in some ways: Celeste was and is not just a grandiose 2D title , which over long stretches is really demanding for teasing your hair, but is always fair, but also tells a deeply emotional, charming story full of lovable characters. You rarely see such a combination in jumping games!

Less than a year after the release, the makers of Matt Makes Games delivered a free DLC called "Farewell", which offered all the qualities of the main game, but packed it into an even trickier, additional chapter and was also completely convincing. According to the studio, there would be no further sequels.

Well, that was obviously not really true, because now Matt Makes Games has surprisingly released a new game from the Celeste universe – and the Farewell DLC is completely free.

Celeste 2: Lani's Trek is, despite the "2" in the name, not a continuation of Celeste. Instead, a Seuqel to Celeste Classic awaits us. This is a title that was once created as part of a game jam and from which the actual Celeste later emerged. Celeste Classic can also be unlocked in Celeste.

The graphics of Celeste 2: Lani's Trek are thus kept in the somewhat crude style of Celeste Classics, but the influence of the main game is clear: While Celeste Classic has nothing to offer in terms of story, Lani's Trek at least suggests a narrative and continues a similar melancholy atmosphere as the main game. Instead of the role of the previous protagonist Madeline, we slip into the skin of the new character Lani.

In terms of play, the title differs significantly from the other adventures, as we now have a grappling hook with which we have to pull ourselves from wall to wall in order to overcome obstacles and traps and collect the optional strawberries on the way.

Celeste 2: Lani's Trek Can on the Matt Make Games website either downloaded for free or played directly in the browser.

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