Twitch streamer "Starling" accused Twitchs CEO Emmett Shear just laughing at reports of sexual harassment. According to her, Shear was asked that some Twitch partners would harass women. But he did not take this seriously.

Twitch CEO in criticism

"(Shear was) asked in an all-hands meeting about partners who use their platforms to harass women – especially using the example of my case," wrote Starling. "He giggled, said 'Wow, you can't really comment on the things going on on our platform' and went on."

According to Starling, Emmet Shear stopped responding to the situation at all. "He didn't ask, he didn't mention it. This is the Twitch culture. Sweep the dirt under the carpet for profit."

According to Starling, she met a Twitch partner who then emotionally and mentally abused her for over a year. She was even afraid for her safety. But the behavior had no consequences for the person.

Twitch has since released a statement stating that allegations of sexual harassment are taken very seriously and that accounts are being checked. To do this, Twitch works with the police.

Pokemon Go player Samantha Wong tweeted in response to Twitch's statement: "These are empty words, considering that as a company you played down and dismissed my sexual harassment and continued to let the predator take part in your events and give it live Offer programs on E3 on your official channel. "

Former Twitch Vice President Justin Wong responded to Samantha Wong's statement, saying, "I was a VP at Twitch and reported this to the relationship-holding VP, the human resources manager, and the CEO. Everyone assured me that they would take care of it The following year he was at the same event at Twitch in the same VIP room. I was told that he was the VP's uncle and an 'important' partner in launching the initiative. "

More and more people from the streaming industry are now reporting on medium abuse and sexual harassment and that important partners often do nothing at all.

Source: VG247

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