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Single-target spell instead of group buff: Blizzard has re-adjusted the Paladins' Night Fae Pact ability, Blessing of Seasons, and converted it from a group spell to a single target buff.

Blizzard is executing on WoW: Shadowlands beta launched a turnaround in relation to the paladins' night-time ability, which only recently made changes redundant: Blessing of Seasons should no longer act as a group buff in the future. Instead, Paladins can now apply the ability to single targets. With this change, the developers react to the feedback from the community and justify the step with balancing problems in the Alpha.

Accordingly, Blizzard writes in a current Bluepost (via Wowhead):

"Blessing of the Seasons will be reworked into a single target buff in a future build and will no longer work group-based. This makes the ability more in line with modern abilities called "blessings" and avoids a number of balancing problems that players noticed during alpha. For example, the damage-causing blessing will be more efficient when used solo, and not just in group play. All four effects receive increased values ​​in connection with this change (but note that the fine-tuning is still preliminary). The changes we addressed last week that brought several paladins together in a group and that provided a hidden increase in strength for the blessings are no longer required and are being withdrawn."

The four blessings now work as follows:

  • Blessing of Autumn: Blesses an ally for 30 seconds and reduces their cooldowns by 50 percent. Changes to Blessing of Winter after use.
  • Blessing of winter: Blesses an ally for 30 seconds, causing their attacks to deal 5 percent of their spell power as Frost damage and reduce enemies' movement speed and attack speed by 1 percent. The latter effect can be stacked ten times. Changes to Blessing of Spring after use.
  • Blessing of Spring: Blesses an ally for 30 seconds, increasing healing done and received by 20 percent. Changes to Blessing of Summer after use.
  • Blessing of Summer: Blesses an ally for 30 seconds, ensuring their attacks have a high chance of dealing 75 percent of their spell power as Holy. Changes to Blessing of Autum after use.

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