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In the second week of the fourth WoW season, many players are excited to see what awaits them in their weekly Mythic Plus and PvP crates. In keeping with this first week of rewards, Blizzard has adjusted rewards for certain Mythic Plus difficulty levels and PvP ratings.

Just in time for the first weekly reward in season 4 from WoW (buy now for € 23.95) Blizzard slightly changes the rewards from Mythic Plus dungeons and PvP. Not only are the weekly rewards adjusted, but also the items that you receive after a dungeon or PvP match.

In the tables below you can see the new structure of the item levels in Mythic Plus and Rated PvP. Changes are shown in bold. If you are hunting for 465 items, you no longer have to complete a +15, but only a +14.

Mythical Plus Lootable

For Mythic +8 and +9, 455 loot now drops at the end of the dungeon instead of 450. It looks similar from difficulty level 11, where you get 460 loot from the box at the end of the dungeon. From +14 you get the same item level from the dungeon box as when completing a +15 dungeon. Nothing changes in the weekly rewards from Mythisch-Plus. For the maximum item level, you still have to complete a Mythical Plus dungeon at +15.

Keystone stage Reward at the end of the dungeon Reward from the weekly box
+2 435 440
+3 435 445
+4 440 450
+5 445 450
+6 445 455
+7 450 460
+8 450 455 460
+9 450 455 460
+10 455 465
+11 455 460 465
+12 460 470
+13 460 470
+14 460 465 470
+15 465 475

PvP Lootable

The PvP rewards change that in the range of 1,400 to 1,599 in the arena or Ranked Battlegrounds you will only receive a 440 item instead of a 445 rewards (receipt is still not guaranteed). However, those who make it to a rating of 1,800 may be rewarded more: the azerite reward increases from 465 to 475 from this rating and is therefore on the same level with items from the first ten bosses from the mythical mode of Ny'alotha.

Animal / Rating the end of the game Weekly box Weekly azerite reward
0-1399 430 445 445
from 1400 to 1599 445 440 455 460
1.600-1799 450 460 460
1.800-2-099 455 465 460 475
2100 to 2399 460 470 475
2.400+ 465 475 475

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