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Steam announces measures to reduce data rates in the wake of the Corona crisis. The download platform introduces a change for updates for games that have not been played recently. As of this week, the patches are to be distributed over several days. With this, Valve is screwing on the delivery of automatic updates. A game will continue to be updated immediately when you start it. You can manually initiate the installation of the patches via the download manager on Steam. In the article you can read more details about the steam measures against the coronavirus pandemic. The service had recently set a new user record.

Steam is screwing on the automatic updates to reduce data rates during the corona crisis. "Many of you (like us at Valve) are currently working from home or attending school online. Or maybe some of you are taking the opportunity to dedicate yourself to a few of the many fantastic games on Steam. Be that as it may – if so many People, as is currently the case, occupying the network at the same time can put quite a strain on your home connection, "says Valve in a statement With.

Valve wants to remind of "some download settings in the Steam client", with which the bandwidth can be managed. The company also shares changes in automatic updates outside of peak hours. "For games that have not been played recently, Steam is already planning the updates outside of the local peak times," Valve writes, adding that from this week these updates will be distributed over several days. Only games played within the last three days should be updated as soon as a new patch is available. A game that you start on Steam will also be updated immediately. Updates can still be initiated manually in the download manager – or paused indefinitely. "We are also planning further measures from our side," writes Valve.

In addition, Steam wants to "remind users of some of the client's options". Valve writes: "We believe that for most users, the best solution is to use existing throttling and scheduling features to tailor Steam's behavior to their needs." For example, users should set a time window for automatic updates. This could, for example, prevent Steam from downloading an update during working hours. If a game is hardly played in the library, automatic updates can be deactivated. Furthermore, the connection speed to Steam can be reduced to relieve the home connection. Steam recently set a new player record.

Sony had previously announced similar measures. For example, the publisher throttles the download speed in the PlayStation Store. Streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube also want to help reduce the load on the Internet by reducing video quality.

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