Cheap VR glasses straight for 171 euros

VR glasses have a hard time for gamers. While some simply lack space in the room to use virtual reality properly, others find the systems simply too expensive. But there are exceptions: The affordable Medion Erazer X1000 MR VR glasses with motion controllers are now available at an absolute blast – you pay with the POWERSPRING voucher code.

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Update from 09.03.2020: A new best price has been reached: Medion itself is selling its headset cheaply on eBay. The price is 189.99 euros, with the Coupon code POWERSPRING you only pay. Important to know: It is B-goods. The goods are new, but may have minor defects, especially on the packaging.

Note: With Coupon code POWERSPRING for 170.99 euros

Medion Erazer X1000 MR: Affordable virtual reality set achieves new best price

Those who think of VR glasses usually come up with high-priced headsets like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. But entering the virtual reality segment doesn't have to be expensive. With the Erazer X1000, Medion offers an inexpensive alternative to the competition, which not only includes motion controllers, but also supports room scaling. In this way you can roam freely in a small area within your room, your movements are then transferred to the game. Important to know: The Medion Erazor X1000 MR is practically identical to the much more expensive Lenovo Explorer headset.

We take a look at the holey price history of the VR headset: The virtual reality system cost almost 400 euros in summer 2018, in August 2019 the Medion Erazor X1000 MR in the Medion online store briefly cost 179.95 euros. However, the headset is no longer listed there today.

Specifications of the Medion Erazer X1000 MR

Here is an overview of the key technical data of the Medion Erazer X1000.

Size of the field of viewup to 105 degrees
Resolution of the displays1,440 × 1,440 pixels (per display)
Refresh rate of the displays90 Hz
Motion controllerincluded
(wireless, connection via Bluetooth)
Connection typewired
(Display: HDMI + USB 3.0)
Room scalingYes
System requirementWindows 10
(with Fall Creators Update)
Guarantee period24 Months
Weight380 grams

Medion Erazer X1000: Who is it worth buying?

Despite its low price, the Medion Erazer X1000 offers almost everything you would expect from an expensive VR system: the resolution of the displays is pleasantly high, Motion controllers are included in the price and even Room scaling is supported. The latter does not work quite as well as that of the HTC Vive, but you have to do that before starting the game no annoying tracking cubes in his room. The Medion Erazer X1000 realizes room scaling solely via the built-in cameras in the front of the glasses.

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However, you have to accept a few drawbacks. Despite the high resolution, the classic "fly screen" can still be seen on closer inspection: Since the motion controller is also tracked solely via the camera of the VR glasses, there are occasionally minor synchronization errors. In addition, 360-degree tracking is not possible in this way. The required Bluetooth dongle is also not included in the scope of delivery. If you own a system without the interface, you have to retrofit it.

The glasses also leave something to be desired when it comes to comfort. Although the weight of the headset is light, the padding is quite thin in some places. Adapting to your own head shape also takes more time than the competition. Since the VR glasses are built quite front-heavy, you get a stiff neck after a long game. In order not to have to connect his headphones to the PC, there is a jack connection directly on the headset.

The glasses belong to the so-called "Windows Mixed Reality" headset. This should be kept in mind when buying VR games, because these are sometimes only compatible with certain systems.

Note: With Coupon code POWERSPRING for 170.99 euros

Who does not bother or only slightly disturbs at the said points. I had used the same device for some time and was amazed at how much VR you get here for your money.

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