Imagine you are in a winning streak with 357 matches won in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and then you join a cheater in your match.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Cheaters and Bots have been plaguing since the launch. Infinity Ward is trying to come up with new systems, but cheaters are still a big problem. New report functions and own matchmaking for potential cheaters – a hell just for them, so to speak.

That encountered cheater problems Streamers stallion while a 357 winning streak. After ten streams and 90 hours of work his run ended with an Aimbotter.

To make matters worse The cheater ends the game, in which Stallion's team was still leading, with an atomic bomb. Stallion is dumbfounded about his so ingloriously ended winning streak.

On Twitter, Stallion clears his anger and shows clips that expose the player as a cheater. He also contacts Infinity Ward and Activision directly for the player to receive a ban. However, his impressive series has been destroyed. However, he does not give up and starts the next match after a short moment.

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Run foolish – players caught cheating

In Reddit or on Twitter we often see complaints about the many cheaters in Modern Warfare, like Warzone. Does this result coincide with your own experience? Write your opinion in the comments.