Cheaters among themselves – how Fall Guys took revenge on cheaters

Image source: Midiatonic

With the success of Fall Guys, there were also numerous hackers and cheaters to the chagrin of the players. To counteract this, Mediatonic designed a very special area for the cheaters, a kind of “Hall of Shame”: Cheater Island.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Cheater vs. cheater

Fall Guys hit like a bomb and countless players line up to fight 59 other competitors for the coveted crown. However, hackers and cheaters did not have to wait long for success. There are few opportunities to defend yourself as a player, but there have been situations in which entire lobbies come together to take action against the spoilsport.

Mediatonic was not idle either and was working on a solution in the background. The developers created their own area for the uninvited guests, a demarcated server on which the cheaters could now play against their own kind. However, this has now been closed.

There are never enough costumes.

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Fall Guys: Cheater Island out of order again

With Cheater Island, Mediatonic wanted to get the problem with the cheaters under control. On Twitter, the developer described the island as "a magical place where cheaters could happily compete against their own kind for the crown of the deceiver".

Have you already won a crown? Show it to the others too.

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For Cheater Island, the developer emphasizes, there was a sophisticated detection process, so no innocent players ended up there. However, the matches could only start there with a sufficient number of players. If the matches didn't take place, the cheaters got stuck in the loading screen. And that was exactly where the crux of the matter lay, because these players described the condition as a "bug" and "broken", which ultimately led to a bad reputation. Additionally, videos emerged that ultimately forced Mediatonic to close Cheater Island for the time being.

It remains to be seen what measures will follow. We will keep you up to date.

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